Australia’s plan to cut off China

For well over a decade, federal governments from both the major parties have insisted that Australia could continue to walk the fine line between its security relationship with the US and its strong trade ties with China.

But now, as Australia’s trade relationship with Beijing continues to deteriorate, Canberra is increasingly looking... ( подробнее )

Josh Frydenberg fires up while attacking Daniel Andrews

The plea comes after the Treasurer did the rounds of breakfast television, appearing on multiple programs, to attack the state’s coronavirus crisis and its economic impact.

Mr Frydenberg compared the situation with “a car crash” and urged a clear roadmap out of the restrictions.

Mr Andrews was asked for his... ( подробнее )

Vaccine success depends on crucial factor

Australia and most of the world have been put in a holding pattern until a vaccine becomes available, with hopes this will be the silver bullet to return life to normal.

But Mr Morrison’s difficulties this week over his comments that a vaccine would be “as mandatory as you can possibly make it” highlights that success... ( подробнее )

Victorians will see JobKeeper payments slashed this month

The extended coronavirus lockdown has sparked havoc with plans to reduce the payments from $1500 to $1200 a fortnight from September 27, a move the Morrison Government has argued is an extension of the original deadline to end the payments.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has repeatedly defended the plan on the grounds that Victoria would... ( подробнее )

Karl fires up in defence of Qld border restrictions

It comes as National Cabinet meets on Friday to discuss the contentious issue of coronavirus hotspot definitions.

Ms Palaszczuk, who will face an election on October 31, is refusing to reopen the borders to NSW, ACT and Victorian residents unless states can prove 28 days without community transmission to the dismay of the Federal Government.

“I’m... ( подробнее )

The rich to get huge tax cuts under Scott Morrison’s plan

Wealthy families on six figure salaries are on track to secure huge windfalls worth up to 20 times the value of low income and part-time workers under the legislated tax cuts by 2025.

That prompted a warning that the Morrison Government would be better off increasing welfare payments or tax cuts for low income workers if they really want... ( подробнее )

14 new cases of COVID in NSW

Of these, only one case is a returned traveller in hotel quarantine, and one case was acquired in Victoria.

One was locally acquired with no links to other cases, and 11 were locally acquired and linked to known cases.

There has been a major outbreak in several schools across Sydney, with five of Monday’s cases linked to... ( подробнее )

Coronavirus Australia: Paul Keating lashes out at greedy Baby Boomers

Mr Keating has warned that low income, younger workers have been asked to raid their super accounts to the tune of nearly $40 billion which is around the same amount the Morrison Government has spent to date on massive stimulus measures such as JobKeeper.

Accusing “baby-faced Liberals” of campaigning against an increase to... ( подробнее )

‘Clear target’: China’s bitter Aussie move

On Tuesday, China launched an “anti-dumping investigation” into Australian wine exports, which accuses Australia of flooding China with cheap wine at cost or below cost prices in an effort to skew the market in Australia’s favour.

Almost 40 per cent of Australian wine is exported to China in a $1.25 billion industry.... ( подробнее )

PM brings in $1500 disaster payment for pandemic leave

The Prime Minister announced the measure today just moments after Premier Daniel Andrews detailed the next component of Melbourne’s stage 4 lockdown in response to the second wave of COVID-19 infections.

Today’s announcement covered sweeping restrictions on workplaces, expected to have a significant impact on businesses and... ( подробнее )