Karl fires up in defence of Qld border restrictions

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Karl fires up in defence of Qld border restrictions

It comes as National Cabinet meets on Friday to discuss the contentious issue of coronavirus hotspot definitions.

Ms Palaszczuk, who will face an election on October 31, is refusing to reopen the borders to NSW, ACT and Victorian residents unless states can prove 28 days without community transmission to the dismay of the Federal Government.

“I’m personally finding the pile-on of Annastacia Palaszczuk right now a little hard to understand,” Stefanovic said on Friday.

“From what I can see Annastacia is doing what she was elected to do, fiercely protect her state.

“When you look at the terrible impact of COVID in Victoria who can blame her?”

But the sentiment didn’t sit well with Home Affairs Minister and Queenslander Peter Dutton, who warned that if the state waited for zero cases it would go “broke”.

“Karl, we are on the same page here. I don’t have any problem with borders being closed if that’s the recommendation of the health authorities, but in Queensland it’s not,” he said.

“The trouble at the moment is that we have got a situation that is all political and we are seeing a lot of people suffer.

“Businesses will close, those jobs won‘t be there, so we have got to think about what’s happening today, but what happens over the next six months and the borders closed at the moment means complete devastation for families in Queensland and there is no reason for it.”

Mr Dutton went on to say that the mental health issues alone should prompt borders to reopen as soon as possible.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says he’s happy with the AFL grand final being held in Queensland. But says there shouldn’t be an exception to the quarantine rules for executives coming in to the state. Picture: NCA NewsWire /Gary Ramage

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will on Friday unveil a definition of a coronavirus hotspot but it’s not expected to win the consensus of all leaders, including Ms Palaszczuk.

Mr Dutton called for a “common sense” approach to borders.

“I just think there needs to be a greater level of compassion here.

“If it’s driven by the health advice, fair enough, but that’s not the case at the moment.”

The agriculture code will be discussed by leaders to enable farmers an exemption to cross borders to keep the sector going.

The National Cabinet agenda will also include a health and economic update, talks about international arrivals and the 4000-person cap, and a briefing on high risk weather season from the Bureau of Meteorology.

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